The Minnesota Book Fair 2022 Event Panel – Featuring Three Participants of CABS-Minnesota

On Saturday, July 9th, at 1:00, we will have a panel on the Antiquarian Book Seminar, which currently takes place in Northfield, Minnesota, at the University of St. Olaf. We will have three graduates of the CABS-Minnesota seminar talking about what CABS means to them and to the rare book community at-large. Our panelists will also discuss current efforts towards increasing the inclusivity of the book trade, and how we as a community can do more. Please visit if you would like to learn more about the CABS-Minnesota Seminar. We are pleased to introduce our panelists below:

The honorable Ken Sanders.

Ken Sanders: Ken Sanders has been in the rare book business in Utah since the 1970s. From 1975-1981 he co-owned The Cosmic Aeroplane. He founded Dream Garden Press in 1980, and Ken Sanders Rare Books in 1990. He has been engaged in buying, selling, appraising and publishing new and old books, photography, cartography, and documents for over thirty years.

Starting with Nancy Drew in childhood, and progressing into serious bibliophilia sometime after that, Sanders’ fascination with books and printed matter has been lifelong. From his early love of books, Sanders evolved into a book dealer via a long, strange, and roundabout route through underground comix and illustrated books as a teenager, coming of age during the birth of counterculture environmentalism as a young man, and progressing into fascination with Utah and Western history, Mormonism, and Literature in later years. His ever-changing interests and enthusiasms bring together books and materials from far-ranging areas into a dynamic force we like to call our bookstore.

Sanders’ experiences in the fields of antiquarian books and collectibles are diverse. He is a member of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America and served on its Board of Governors for six years, during which time he was the Security Chair. He was responsible for bringing numerous book thieves to justice.

He has been the subject of articles in publications including The Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune, and San Francisco Magazine. Ken has often been featured in television and film interviews and shows, including France 24, C-Span Book Talk, the popular Netflix miniseries “Murder Among the Mormons,” and A&E’s “City Confidential: Mark Hofmann.” Ken first appeared as an appraiser for the Antiques Roadshow on the Salt Lake City 2007 season shows. He has traveled all over the U.S. with the Roadshow.

Ken Sanders is currently a full-time bookseller, among many other things. Forthcoming projects may include a work on Edward Abbey.

The inestimable Kara McLaughlin.

Kara McLaughlin: Kara McLaughlin is the proprietor of Little Sages Rare Books and Paper. With more than a decade of experience as a rare book and materials professional, Kara McLaughlin has collaborated extensively with institutions, collectors, and conservationists. Working closely with letters, rare books, photographic archives, original art, prints, and ephemera in multiple languages, her emphasis is in material relating foremost to women, culture, art, design, and social history. She is passionate and active within many print culture communities, including The Grolier Club, and has recently opened as small bookstore/paper studio in downtown Longmont, Colorado.

The amazing Jaime Harker!

Jaime Harker: Jaime Harker is the founder of Violet Valley Bookstore, a queer, feminist, transinclusive nonprofit bookstore in Water Valley, Mississippi. She is a professor of English and director of the Sarah Isom Center for Women and Gender Studies at the University of Mississippi. Her research focuses on feminist and queer print culture of the 20th century; while researching the Women in Print movement for her book The Lesbian South, she was inspired to start her own bookstore in 2017. Violet Valley Bookstore is the only queer feminist bookstore in the state of Mississippi. Jaime looks forward to growing the bookstore to support a full-time staff member and continue to support queer youth in Mississippi.

If you identify as a bookseller from an underrepresented community, the CABS-Minnesota Seminar has a wonderful opportunity for you. Please click here to learn more about the CABS-Minnesota Diverse Voices Fellowship.

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