Our Sponsors

AbeBooks.com is proud to support rare book events around the world, including this year’s Minnesota Antiquarian Book Fair, and CABS-Minnesota. Dedicated to the book community, the Minnesota Antiquarian Book Fair will bring together people in person and online. We salute the booksellers and bibliophiles who make these special events possible.

Evening Star Books, LLC. Members of the IOBA, ABAA, and the ILAB. Books of literary and historical significance. Located in Madison, WI.

Rulon-Miller Books. Fine & rare books, bought and sold. Members of the ABAA and the ILAB. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The IOBA – The Independent Online Bookseller’s Association. Supporting independent booksellers for over 20 years!

IOBA members enjoy a wide variety of benefits, such as promotion of member profiles on the IOBA website with featured items for sale. Member benefits also include scholarships for continuing education, a well-populated discussion list where members are quick to help one another, and other helpful resources. Join at IOBA.org.

The First Edition Rare Books, ABAA

Caliber Works Watch Repair, LLC

Caliber Works Watch Repair: Antique, vintage, and modern watch repair in the Nokomis neighborhood.

Want to be a sponsor of our book fair? Get in touch with us at info@eveningstarbooks.net to discuss ad rates and more.

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